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This website is a collection of many years of knowledge and experience in the financial markets and technology gained with investment banks, global custodian and trustee around the globe. We hope that visitors of this site will find our information, articles, products and services helpful.

Products and Services (New) - We offer products, solution and consulting service to assist you and your office to make sound investment decision, to manage portfolio risks, to improve operational efficiency and to support record keeping and accounting.

Chart Demo (New) - The chart application of this site is our own development. The features covered in our chart are what we think useful from years of interbank and personal trading experience. You can find our own technical study or algorithm that you don't find it in other chart application.

Financial Calculators (New) - We have added many advanced financial calculators including Options pricing by using binomial tree, Vasicek Bonds / interest rates swaptions pricing by using trinomial tree, Bonds calculator, interest rates curve with discount factor generator and Markowitz Efficient Frontier calculator for portfolio management. These are all very useful tools to make sound trading or investment decision.

Your Page (New) - We've been adding some documents to this page to help users understand how to use computing programming to construct dynamic delta hedging strategy by using Options and even how to value exotic financial product like auto callable range accrual. These documents cover both the theory and the technology application. They are all our own material and freely available for our audience!

Financial News - You can get the most updated news from various sources such as BBC, Reuters, etc. through our news providers.

Discussion Forum (New) - Join the forum to share and to get opinion from other traders in the market. You can use our tool to chat with others in private view.

Tutorials - A Series of five intensive chapters on technical analysis gives you a thorough understanding of why most people are still using it and how you should use it. This charting tool has been widely used among almost all traders and investment managers. You must read this tutorial if you want to know price behavior....

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